How do you choose your surgeon to treat obesity?

Would you like to be treated for a morbid obesity problem? To be operated on in Liège or Brussels requires finding a good surgeon who will be able to supervise you at each stage of your weight loss. Here are some of the qualities your bariatric surgeon tries to cultivate.

Find references of obesity surgeons in Belgium

  • The site IFSO, International Federation of Obesity Surgeons. The Belgian expert is the Belgian Section for Obesity and Metabolic Surgery (BeSOMS). You will find the names of well-known specialized obesity surgeons. Active in the all new Delta Hospital  (the Chirec), your bariatric surgeon in Brussels who works with Pr Dr. Jacques Himpens 
  • The annual number of operated on patients: Assuming we do what we do often, it is better to trust a structure that is used to treat this pathology. For example, Delta Hospital does around 600 bariatric surgeries per year 
  • The training and experience of the surgeon: the university and post-university classes, as well as, years of practice demonstrate the surgeon’s long-term expertise. Dr Dandrifosse has, also, a Nutrition Clinique diploma
  • 24hr medical availability: your surgeon and their team must be available 24/7 to manage any complications related to all obesity surgeries. This availability corresponds to our dedication and respect to our patients
  • A fitness area after the bariatric operation: the Chirec hospital centre has an athletic rehabilitation service to lose weight, in addition to the surgery. The new site Chirec is equipped with advanced infrastructures chosen to take into account the management of obesity
  • Professional collaboration with other surgeons: a close collaboration between bariatric surgeons from Liège and Brussels allows for refining the procedure and the solutions suggested to the patient
  • Professional collaboration with other specialists concerned with obesity: the team consists of anesthetises, nurses, kinesitherapies, interns, nutritionists, radiologist, gastro entomology services, etc. which all must have a tropism in relation to this specific pathology.

Obesity, a complex and multifactorial illness

Obesity is a pathology with specific characteristics:

  • Multiple causes: obesity is a multifactorial pathology.  Its different origins from one person to the next, makes each patient unique. It is essential call on a Multi-disciplinary team to respond appropriately to this problem: surgeon, anesthetists, dietician, psychiatrist. These different workers will accompany you stably before, during or after your hospitalization.
  • Chronic illness: the obesity treatment must be long-term. Like the comorbidity factors that accompany obesity (diabetes, high blood pressure), any break in treatment may result in weight gain 
  • Requires real expertise: no matter what type of surgery used to treat obesity, it must be adapted to your surgical and medical liabilities

Operated on in Brussels when you live in Liège

The geographic criteria can be taken into account when choosing a surgeon and the hospital centre where they operate. The follow-up could be done in Liège or Brussels by the same team. The skills and quality coaching factors, that are indispensable in treating your obesity are made available to you in Liège and Brussels.

Do you live in Liège? We can offer you a shuttle from the train station Guillemins to Delta Hospital.

Do you want to know more about surgical solutions adapted to treat your obesity?

Contact Doctor Dandrifosse at her office in Liège or Brussels to make an appointment for a preoperatory consultation. We will see together which surgical and multi-disciplinary team best fits your profile.

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