Fast rehabilitation after obesity surgery contributes to recovery

Chose to have an operation to treat obesity in Brussels or Liège requires full support by a health team, before, during, and after the intervention.  As a patient, you equally actively contribute to your quick recovery. Your bariatric surgeon explains the different protocols implemented with you.

Have a stomach operation to lose weight: preparation after the hospitalization

To opt for stomach surgery to lose a large amount of weight requires some steps. The medical team first verifies if you have fulfilled the conditions to benefit of a bypass or another surgery to lose weight in Belgium.

A pre-operative follow-up accompanies all good preparations, both physical and psychological.  Different meetings will take place between you and the members of the medical team: surgeon, anaesthetist, nutritionist.

Each explains what the surgery consists of, for example the adjustable peri gastric ring, their specific job,  and how to assist yourself during this post-operative period.  These meetings extend during the hospitalization and after. The time table for the post-operative consolations are in general as follows: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, etc.

Carefully inquire from the obesity treatment centre about the support offered before undertaking your surgery.

Recovering from a bariatric surgery: the patient oversees their recovery

The patient leaves the hospital within 24 to 48 hours depending on the case.  It is important that you oversee your own recover, for three reasons:

  • Limit the maximum risk of complications
  • Restart under the best conditions
  • Get satisfaction from your steps for losing weight

The stomach surgery advocates at least a month of incapability to work after the intervention. That you are physically removed, but this period constitutes a very important step. It allows you to refocus on yourself, on your meals, on your aspirations for this occasion for this new beginning. This period following a stomach surgery also allows you to integrate different advice and rules of life hygiene. You can do it two ways:

  • Program of physical fitness: restarting a physical activity allows you over long term to limit the vascular and respiratory complications. To make it easier for you, it is planned for you to sign up to a fitness centre near you. The fitness stage must be spontaneous and positive and not based on constraint
  • Establish a dietary plan before the intervention: a surgery to lose weight, like the gastrectomy sleeve, causes a quick sensation of satiety. This intervention is designed to curb big eaters. It is therefore necessary to re-approach their dietary style. The gastric bypass is an operation that is convenient for all types of food profiles: both the snackers and the big eaters
  • A psychological follow-up, depending on each case and your request

Following these provisions, you put all the chances on your side to quickly become independent and actively participate in this beginning. 

Do you want to have a stomach surgery with a quality support in Belgium?

Contact the Medical Cabinet of Doctor Dandrifosse and Doctor Himpens in Liège or Brussels to receive complementary information or an appointment for a surgical solution to treat obesity.

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