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University studies

Doctor Dandrifosse followed university classes at the Université of Liège (ULg).  She received in 1995, her degree in Doctor of Medicine, Surgery and Childbirth.
She then pursued a specialization at the same university. At the end of her studies, she was awarded a University Diploma in General Surgery in 2001.

Post-university Training

After two courses at the ULg, Anne-Catherine Dandrifosse extended her apprentiship by multiplying training courses in various hospitals and universities. She began with an inter-university in colo proctology at the Hotêl de Dieu in Paris in 2004. Inter-university certificate of Medical Management was then issued to her in 2006 by the Université Libre of Brussels (ULB) and the Université Catholique of Louvain (UCL). In 2006, she did an internship in surgery on Inter-Stem therapy for intestinal control at the Hôpital Universitaire of Maastricht. She continued with a minimum incision surgery internship in 2008 in Strasbourg, followed by European workshop at the Erasmus Medical Centre of Rotterdam in 2008. She returned in 2010 the university degree of hepatobiliary surgery at the Hôpital Paul Brousse in Paris.  Anne-Catherine Dandrifosse received in 2015 a university degree in Clinical Nutrition (Ulg, UCL, ULB).

Professional experience

From 2002 to April 2015, Doctor Dandrifosse was a visceral surgeon at the Centre Hospitalie Régional of Liège, and exercised, among others, the position of Chief of Staff. She also consults as a surgeon of obesity at the Clinique Mont Saint Martin of Liège since 2013.
She is also a bariatric surgeon at Chirec since 2014. She practices in the new Hôpital Delta. She personally performs over 300 surgeries. Since 2015, in addition to her functions as a surgeon, Doctor Anne-Catherine Dandrifosse is a nutritionist doctor which allows her to better follow her patients

Since May 15th, Doctor Dandrifosse works within the Network of Food Balance and the Respect of Body Image. This network’s goal is to reunite the various specialist involved in the care of patients seeking to change their eating habits.

Additional Organization’s participation

Parallel to her professional activity, Doctor Anne-Catherine Dandrifosse is part of various associations, federations, and companies. For example, Belgian Section of Obesity and Metabolic Surgery and the International Federation for the Surgery of Obesity just to name a couple.

Doctor Dandrifosse works closely with a constant team

The Liège secretariat is supported by Madame Catherine Deridder 0497 188402. The coordination of the files is supervised by Madame Fabienne Lucas 0474 447007 at the Chirec site. Doctor Matthieu Clanet, anaesthetist is present at every stage in intra-hospitals. Two nurse instructors, present during the interventions, keep contact with the patient after they leave the institution. Doctor Julien Di Bella, visceral surgeon joined the team in 2017. Psychologists, dieticians, cardiologists, pneumologists, sports doctors, gastro entomologists, radiologists but also a team of nurses at Hôpital Delta have particular experience and motivation in the management of obese patients.

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    Anne Catherine Dandrifosse

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