Types of surgery to treat obesity

There exist dozens of different interventions geared towards treating obesity.  Also, the practitioner you choose may offer other options than another surgeon. This site focuses on three bariatric surgeries. All of them aim to limit your dietary intake per meal whether by limiting volumes or modifying the way your digestive system works.  Here is a video illustrating the different techniques of bariatric surgery and a detailed explanation for each of these options:

The types of surgeries

Discover below the different types of surgeries possible:

The Gastric Bypass or "Gastric short circuit" is an operation that allow you to reduce the size of your stomach. This is adjusted and can now only accommodate 15 to 25 ml. Your reduced stomach is then connected to your small intestine, which is also cut and reassembled to reach your “small” stomach. Video.

The sleeve gastrectomy or longitudinal gastrectomy is a process that consists of a resection of a large part of the stomach to form a tube about 2 cm in diameter. It is an irreversible procedure. Video

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