Adjustable gastric band

The placement of a gastric band is an obesity surgery that consists of placing, by laparoscopy, an adjustable band around the upper part of the stomach without re-sectioning it.

Anneau gastrique ajustable How does a gastric band work and progress of a bariatric intervention?

The operating mode of the adjustable ring is different than that of the gastric bypass and the sleeve gastrectomy. During the intervention, the procedures seem simpler. There is not a sectioning of the stomach. The band is placed around the upper part of the organ and connected by a hose to a housing located in the wall of the abdomen. It is possible to prick in this box and inject or remove liquid. This will more or less inflate an air chamber situated inside the band and thus reduce the diameter where the food will pass. A small pocket is created in the upper part of the stomach. When filling this space, a feeling of satiety or fullness will appear. When the ring is not inflated, the diameter remains wide and the situation is similar to that of not having support. When properly adjusted, an orifice allows access to the rest of the stomach.

The placement of an adjustable gastric band needs in general two days of hospitalization. This period may vary on a case to case basis.

Advice for diet post-operatory

It is advisable after bariatric intervention to eat slowly and to chew well so that the food can pass through the orifice that gives access to the stomach. The food passes from top to bottom, from the mouth to the stomach, and is propelled by contractions of the oesophagus. If the food does not pass through the band, there is blockage and vomiting may prove necessary. Instinctively, the patient thinks more the band is reduced bigger the weight loss will be. However, a band that is too tight will become your worst enemy. In this case, only soft foods can be ingested and, by definition, it deals with fattier and sweeter foods. As a result, we eat less but consume very rich foods and thus lose weight may not be proportional to the efforts provided. In addition, the food balance is inadequate.

The presence of the ring makes it necessary to chew well and take the time but it is necessary consciously maintain balanced food choices even though vegetables and meats will be part of the products that will pass through the ring with more difficulty. Fresh bread also has a rough texture. Little by little, choices can drift. That’s why it is important to stay motivated. Some have lost 100 kg thanks the band, but others never lost anything.

In the case of the adjustable band, food that passes through the band arrives in the stomach intact which participates in digestion in the usual way, contrary to what we observe in the sleeve or the bypass.

Criteria to fulfil to benefit from this type of surgery

The medical criteria and insurance reimbursement conditions coexist to have access to this bariatric surgery. To receive a partial reimbursement of the adjustable gastric band by the Belgian state, it is mandatory to meet the following requirements:

  • Be a minimum of 18 years old
  • Have spent at least one year seriously trying to lose weight 
  • Have a BMI(body mass index, calculate heresuperior or equal to 40 or superior or equal to 35 if you have comorbidity factors such as diabetesarterial hypertension, sleep apnoea syndrome, etc. 
  • The patient’s surgeon must send a standard notification form to the medical adviser of the insurer
  • A register counsel study containing all the obesity surgeries whose modalities are established by the insurance committee must finally be held by the hospital in which the obese patient is admitted

How much weight can be expected to be loose with the band?

In general, the weight loss after the gastric band operation is inferior to that you can find with the sleeve or the bypass.  However, this change in weight is already sufficient to greatly improve the quality of life of the patient.  It is estimated a 50% loss of excess weight is already a good result.

Risks associated with the gastroplasty by gastric band module

The placement of the gastric band presents immediate operatory risks is linked to anaesthesia or the surgical gestures: pulmonary infection, embolism, allergic reaction, phlebitis, organ wound, or hematoma. There are also long-term risks: insufficient weight loss, unbalanced diet, reflux gastro-omophagia, dilatation of the oesophagus, sliding of the band or infection of the box.

Need additional information or want to ask for a consultation for the adjustable band intervention?

Contact our medical team by telephone or through our on-line form. Doctor Anne-Catherine Dandrifosse, Doctor Jacques Himpens, and their coordinators are available to treat your demands as soon as possible.  

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