Conditions to fulfil to be operated for obesity

When a person decides to have surgery, it is often the result of a long personal journey. This decision is never simple to take because the person concerned often feels guilty to not have succeeded in adapting their diet but realized that unfortunately today there were not any other solution than surgery. The people treating obesity are aware that this is a multifactorial problem and the decision to operate is a source of lot of anxieties for the patient and for their families. There will be surgical intervention, but also a new start. It will be necessary to find a new balanced diet and a new balanced life. The support of those around you and your caretakers is essential. There are preparations for changes in medically, in psychology, diet restrictions along with understanding the medical risks of the surgery but also to prepare for the new start.

Conditions to fulfil

Discover the conditions to fulfil to be operated for obesity:

Diagnostic from the general practitioner

Diagnostic from the general practitioner

It is obviously crucial that the person suffering from obesity face the facts their doctor before being operated on. 

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Access to bariatric surgery is subject to several severe conditionals that must be met before moving safely to the operating table.

While there may be discrepancies between medical and reimbursement criteria, these are more or less similar.

Conditions to undergo a surgical intervention

In addition to the terms and conditions that are similar to the terms of reimbursement by insurance, the patient wishing to benefit from an obesity operation must, prior to this, discuss it at least with their GP (General Practioner) and to talk to an obesity surgeon.