Advice after having an obesity operation

The operated person wants the best results in the safest conditions.  Some rules must be respected. The supporters you have chosen, or your family support are there to advise you. There are ups and downs, times when things are easier than others but even after several years, the team is there to advise you.

Good practices to adopt after the bariatric intervention (first weeks)

It would be advisable to scrupulously follow the advice given to them in three fundamental areas:



In this regard, new habits will have to be adopted, especially regarding the textures of foods the first week. Care must be taken to maintain a balanced diet, keeping in mind that, on average, the Belgians tend to eat very fatty and sugary foods that are easily reabsorbed.  Liquids must be present in quantity. Dietary advice is given before and during hospitalization.



After the bariatric surgery, the presence of family is essential, and a psychological follow-up is sometimes necessary. To improve your weight is too often the first objective whereas what really count is to find a better-balanced diet. In this way, the weight loss can only follow, and this weight will only be maintained if the conditions of this new equilibrium are stable and compatible with a pleasant life.

Physical activity

Physical activity

The physical activity is imperative before and after the surgical intervention and it should be adapted to the weight and physical condition.

How do you eat after surgical intervention treating obesity?

A primordial question often asked before the intervention concerns the nature of food and eating habits that need to be adapted once having the operation.  It touches on three essential pillars:

Place close attention to the texture of ingested food

As for the texture of the food, it is advisable the first month after the operation to favour soft and liquid textures, to choose mixed with the consistency of “mashed potatoes”.  Afterward, the patient can be redirect very slowly towards a diet with stronger textures. 

Be careful of sugar and fat!

As for the nature of the food, the patient will now have to limit the absorption of fats and sugars that are easily absorbed. It is therefore necessary to promote the intake of proteins and foods whose sugars are slowly absorbed.

Small meals or more regular intervals

After the bariatric operation, the obesity surgeons and nutritional experts recommend eating small quantities 3 to 6 times per day.