The mini bypass: a more recent surgery that has been proven

Among the obesity surgical techniques practiced in Liège or Brussels, the mini bypass is a more recent option. Practiced since 2007, it now has enough perspective to convince you about its efficiency in weight loss.  See the explanations of your bariatric surgeon.

What is a mini by-pass?

The gastric bypass is the most practiced surgery practiced in Liège or in Brussels for weight loss. Its principal lies in the creation of a gastric short-circuit, and the formation of a smaller stomach pouch to receive food.  Two sutures, or anastomosis, are necessary. One at the stomach level and the other at the small intestine level.

The mini bypass or SAGB (Single-Anastomosis Gastric By-pass) also consists of reducing a part of the stomach where the food bolt transits. The pouch created is however longer, allowing direct access to the small intestine. Only one anastomosis is done, which simplifies the surgeon’s intervention.

This technique is recent. The specialists thinking that the contact with the bile coming from within the stomach could cause burns or pre-cancerous lesions.  The risk is a small reality, which encourages the practice of this intervention.  Today it is very successful. 

What are the advantages of an anastomose bypass?

The mini bypass is currently the fourth bariatric technique the most practiced throughout the world. This success has the following advantages for the patient:

  • Success long-term for weight loss: the operated patient losses just as much excess weight, maybe more than classical surgeries
  • The healing rate of illnesses linked to morbid obesity are superior, especially diabetes
  • The rehabilitation after surgery to lose weight is also quicker  than other interventions
  • The post-operatory follow-up is equally similar
  • The mini bypass is more easily reversiblethan the traditional bypass

What are the conditions for this type of stomach surgery?

Your obesity surgeon will guide you towards one or another bariatric solutions when food diets are inefficient. The favourable profiles for a mini bypass are as follows:

  • All the food profiles: such as big eaters during the meals or snackers
  • People who don’t suffer from gastric reflux:  the mini bypass, just like the gastrectomy sleeve, is an intervention can generate gastro-oesophagus  reflux
  • The patients whose this is their first bariatric intervention: you have already undergone an obesity surgery that was a failure and you regained weight? Your surgeon will advise you on a classical bypass instead of its simplified form

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