= The reconstruction of the skin after a weight loss operation

To have an operation to treat obesity in Belgium can cause several major changes in the patient. Different problems are supported by the clinic in a multi-disciplinary way:

  • New dietary habits accompanied by a nutritionist and a dietitian
  • New outside image of yourself: redefine the patient’s identity and management of new social interactions
  • Cutaneous relaxationdue to loss of elasticity

Our specialist explains to you in this article what steps can be taken for the physical reconstruction of your body after a stomach operation.  

Relaxation of the skin after losing a large amount of weight

The elastic qualities of the skin allow a natural lift following a moderate weight loss. But this cutaneous elasticity is not indefinite. A weight loss superior to 30 or 40 kg, after a gastric bypass for example, allows the skin to rarely find a state prior to obesity.

The cutaneous relaxation is often noticed after a bariatric operation, and this no matter what the type of surgery adapted to your profile. The requirement of a restorative surgery has been proven to treat ptosis this amount of excess of skin.

This excess skin can persist in some zones of the body:

  • The stomach
  • The chest/breast
  • The arms
  • The upper thigh

The feelings and cutaneous inconveniences following a loss of a large amount of weight vary from one person to another and are experienced differently:

  • Unsightlyeffect improper with your social obligations or your clothing choices
  • Discomfort, even pain, following the occasional rubbing and macerations by the folds

How do you limit the excess skin after a stomach intervention?

Among our advice to safely mange the period following the weight loss operation, opting for the best lifestyle possible will give you every change to succeed at your reconversion weight.

Restarting supervised physical activity is an important factor. It allows the following:

  • Limit the muscular wasting: the volume of muscular mass should be preserved and reinforced to maintain the cutaneous tension. The skin itself is not toned by the sports, but its looseness depends on the relationship of muscle mass and fat
  • Stop the vicious circle of inactivity, provoked by excess weight
  • Reinforce the cardio-vascular system to better support the effort

A fitness program is determined in collaboration with health professionals. It is adapted to evolving conditions such as your physical condition and your weight.

Plastic Treatment: When weight loss is stabilized

A reconstructive intervention is considered in the frame of a follow-up over long-term after a bariatric surgery, in Liège and Brussels. Several speakers make up a multi-disciplinary team with which regular consultations and check-ups are done throughout the year after the intervention. You will be accompanied by your bariatric surgeon, a nutritionist, a psychologist and a dietician. The frequency of appointments will vary depending on the evaluated needs.

The support, partial or total, by your health insurer and your hospitalization insurance vary depending on your goals.  The reconstructive surgery is the most aesthetic as possible, but the embellishment aspect may not be the only motivation for the intervention.  Don’t hesitate to ask in advance your organization.

Do you want to know more about reconstructive surgery for the skin after a bariatric operation?

Contact Doctor Jacques Himpens and Doctor Anne-Catherine Dandrifosse, bariatric surgeon in Liège and Brussels to receive complementary information or make an appointment for a consultation. Our specialized team is available to answer your questions as quickly as possible.