Inefficient diets and how to recovery from bariatric surgery?

When diets and the respect of a healthy lifestyle doesn’t allow to treat an obesity problem, the bariatric surgery constitute a solution, a possible aid. Sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass or gastric ring, no matter the type of stomach operation, it is not an easy choice. Our team specialized in obesity in Belgium will tell you more about this obesity treatment.

Food restriction to lose excess weight

By definition, a diet for weight loss is a period more or less long during which the diet is subject to restrictions to allow the loss of weight. When it comes to losing some weight for summer or following food excess, the will is often sufficient.

The person dieting restricts their diet by eliminating the consumption of certain foods, by limiting food intake, by respecting a dietary plan. The idea to recover a healthy lifestyle (balanced diet, regular physical activity, etc.). No matter the method, a restriction short term to lose the unwanted kilos you wanted to

Diet, just a question of will?

However, when it is a question of severe or morbid obesity, a diet allows the return of a normal weight is often tedious to follow. Long term restrictions can be difficult to live with for the people overweight and a large source of frustration.

The physical sensation of being hungry provokes a malaise that is difficult to combat. If some people reach their objectives, others can’t seem to lose their kilos by simple will because of the restriction it brings.

Stomach surgery as a solution for severe obesity

Far from being the ideal answer to all overweight problems, the use of bariatric surgery appears as a solution to be considered by people who suffer from severe or morbid obesity. When diets do not work, a surgical intervention such as a sleeve gastrectomy, a gastric bypass or the placement of an adjustment of a ring allows for weight loss and improves the comfort of the patient’s life.

Before a stomach operation diverse conditions must be fulfilled, a pre-operative check-up  consisting tests and consultations are imperative to determine the admissibility of the patient. The surgeon ensures that there is not a treatment less invasive possible. If surgery appears as an extreme solution, it is however far from being easy. It is a difficult decision to make because there are several steps to take.

Preserving your weight thanks to a healthy lifestyle after a bariatric operation

A bariatric intervention helps you to succeed where simple diets fail. Indeed, the weight loss does not depend only on the patient and his will at first. From the onset, this one is fast and consequential because the person operated on feels less desire to eat a large quantity of food. No matter what operation chosen to treat obesity, the patient feels less desire to eat.  

After some time, the loss tends to stabilize. The post-operative follow-up is then essential and is determinant to avoid taking on weight at term . The patient having suffered a stomach surgery must imperatively adopt a good lifestyle to perpetuate the effects of the invention.

Do you have questions about stomach surgery as a last result to lose weight in Belgium?

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