Weight gain after gastric surgery: What should I do?

The fear to gain weight after a bariatric surgical intervention in Liège or Brussels is the number one worry of the patients. What are the causes at the origin of this phenomena? And what are the steps to take by the specialized doctors to counter attack this gain in corporal mass? Big outline.

Weight gain after bariatric surgery: What are the triggers?

Different factors could be at the origin of this weight gain after a sleeve gastrectomy, a gastric bypass or an adjustable peri gastric ring. It could a psychological traumatism, a progressive lack in motivation, or still yet a surgical technique problem. The weight can come at any moment after the operation.  There is no rule as to when.

Regaining some kilos a little bit at a time over years is everyone’s business, and that is not necessarily anything to worry about. All is that the post-operative follow-up over long term must be closely watched after the bariatric surgery. That dietary recommendations be followed and that the degree of motivation must be maintained to reduce the risk of weight gain.

Implementation of an action plan between the doctors and the operated patient after regaining weight

In this case, the doctors will first try to understand exactly why the patient has regained corporal mass. Is it just fear of regaining weight or is it really weight gain? The specialist will also search to understand what the patient is going through while the diet was ineffectual, and the factors that triggered it. Did it suddenly appear or was it progressive? What kind of food was absorbed? Were there any eating disorders or APTT (bulimiahyperphagia, etc)?

It is when the doctor has an answer to all these questions and has determined the precise cause of the relapse after the obesity surgery that the doctor will be able to create a tailored treatment for the patient. This treatment can vary from dietary management to the psychological accompaniment, through the technical re-engineering of the fault sometimes leading to new surgery.

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